Four places you should never hide yoyur front door keys.

Many of us will hide a set of house keys somewhere near our house just in case we get locked out one day. We’ve probably all seen a film where someone manages to gain access to a house or apartment by just lifting up the doormat, or feeling over the frame of the door to find a key. Suffice to say; these cliché locations aren’t the best place to store your keys.

But what other terrible places are there to store your keys? This article will hopefully make you a bit more aware of the perils of storing your keys in obvious places so that you won’t become the victim of a very easy burglary.

1. Under your doormat
Yep, we’ve already mentioned it, but it’s worth mentioning it again. It’s the most cliché of places to hide a key, and the first place anyone would look. Statistics show that 34% of burglars use the front door, so by putting your key right in front of one of the main points of entry to your house, you’re leaving yourself wide open to a big and easy security breach.

2. Under a fake rock
Some people go as far as to purchase fake rocks to hide their keys under. They argue that it will be well disguised and no would-be burglar will be able to spot it among their garden. The problem is, they come in varying degrees of believability. Some cheaper ones will obviously stick out as fake rocks in your otherwise natural garden.
Just as with the doormat, burglars are likely to check under rocks in your garden whether their fake or not!

3. Inside your wallet
This one isn’t about leaving a key outside the front of your house in case you forget to bring one or to give access to someone checking in on your house when you’re on holiday, but it warrants mentioning.
Leaving your house key in your wallet is a terrible idea because, if you lose it, you’ve not only given a potential burglar the keys to your house, you’ve also potentially given them the address of your house. ID cards, etc. will have your address on, and give any would-be burglars a direct route to your house.

4. Top of the door frame
Again, it’s already been mentioned as one of the most cliché places to hide a house key (along with under the doormat), but it is worth explaining why this is such a bad place to hide your house keys.
But really, that’s the entire reason why this hiding place is so wrong: it’s just too obvious!

Hopefully, this list will have made you a consider a bit harder where you hide your keys in future. Make sure you consider security when hiding your keys, but also accessibility. There’s no point hiding your keys so well that either you can’t find them, or they’re just too difficult to get to!