If you’ve just moved into a new flat, you may be thinking about whether or not it’s secure, or how you can best secure it. You might also have lived in an apartment for years, but recent events have led you to consider how safe your flat, and its contents, are.

Whatever your circumstances, it always pays to review the security on your apartment, and look for potential weaknesses. Below is a list of several things you can do to improve your flats security.

Upgrade to high security locks

The locks in your house are the front line of defence for your flat, so it definitely pays to invest in some more expensive high-security locks. It’s best to go with trusted lock manufacturers, like Yale. The most likely way a would-be intruder is going to break into your apartment is by kicking down the door, so it’s also a good idea to look into how much force a deadbolt can take on a particular lock.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a lock which will prevent lock bumping. Unfortunately, all locks can be picked, but this is a rare method of breaking into an apartment, or house for that matter.

Secure your windows

You won’t have to worry about securing your windows if your apartment block doesn’t have a fire escape, or your apartment is several stories off the ground. If neither of these things apply to you, however, you should look into properly securing your windows.

You don’t need to go as far as putting bars over the windows (this is often not allowed by landlords anyway), instead you can get a security film that goes over your windows that can increase the strength of the glass.

You can also invest in window lock repair. These locks are rarely maintained, so can be a real weakness in your apartment’s security.

Install an alarm

Security alarms have become more and more popular, as well as gained more functionality. Many can now connect to the internet, and some have apps as well which allow you to control the alarm and receive intruder alerts via your phone.

You can even buy small CCTV cameras which connect to your WiFi and will record intruders.

Use a safe

If all else fails, and an intruder manages to break into your apartment, it’s a good idea to have all your most valuable possessions in a safe.

Once you’ve bought your safe there are additional things you can do to ensure your items are even safer. Firstly, you can bolt it to the floor so it can’t be moved by burglars. Secondly, if this isn’t possible, you can see about getting it installed in a wall. If you can’t do either of these things, it’s a good idea to try and hide your safe as best you can.


Following any of these steps is a great way to make your apartment more secure, so get going and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your prized possessions are safe