Master keys are fascinating key systems which interest quite a lot of people because of their mysterious and confusing nature. How can one key open two doors, but another key can only open one of those doors? Is it the key that is special? Is it the lock that is special? How does it work?! And why would you use a master key system at all?!

Perfect for businesses, schools, or just those who hate having a giant bunch of keys in their pocket, a master key system (also known as a one key lock system) is the ultimate solution. While these types of system can take a number of different forms, they generally involve a lock system which allows a master key to be used to open multiple different locks. Allowing businesses, offices and schools to provide their employees with a secure and structured locking system where different levels of access are granted to different people within the organisation, master key systems can extend to many different levels.

For example, you can have a system which is so simple that it arranges for every lock in your house to be controlled by just one key, or more complicated for businesses and schools etc so that general employees just have access to staff rooms and communal areas, whereas supervisors have access to storage rooms, and owners have access to all areas with just the one key. Other examples would be an office building with more than one business operating out of it. Each business would have keys that access their specific office spaces, while a master key would grant the building owner full access to all areas; or a multi-level building where the grand master key grants access to all doors, while a level master key allows employees access to all doors on just one level.

There are a number of different keys involved in a master key system, and they are as follows: Change Key/Sub-Master Key: this key will only open one lock, and any other locks that are the same. A master key can be used to open this lock. Master Key: this is the key which will open all other locks in a single master keyed system. Grand Master Key: this key is used to access more than one master system. Great Grand Master Key: this key will open the grand master key systems, the master key systems and change key systems below it.

Safe, secure, and a great solution for anyone who has a large building where not everyone should have access to every room, master key systems are a quick and easy solution that you should explore.

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