Security cameras are becoming increasingly affordable, and thus increasingly popular. They’ve also seen a massive increase in their functionality and ease of use too. This is mainly because a lot of security cameras can now connect to WiFi, and some even come with an app for your phone.

In short, there’s never been a better time to invest in a security camera. We’ve made a list of the top 5 best security cameras for your home.

  1. Piper security camera

The Piper security camera pretty much has it all. It has an amazing field of vision (180 degrees motion, and a host of motion sensors as well as a siren to notify you if there’s an intruder.

It works along with its own app which allows users to access live video feeds. The app can also disarm the alarm if you need to.

  1. Nest Cam IQ

Hot on the tail of the Piper security camera is the new Nest Cam IQ. Nest, now owned by Google, have really gone all out with their security cameras. The Nest Cam IQ is their latest indoor security camera and it posts a whole load of features.

Like the Piper, it has a wide field of vision and also its own app which allows the user to watch a live feed from it. It can also learn faces, so it knows when someone is an intruder or not. This allows the app to send you intelligent alerts when an unrecognised person shows up to your house.

It doesn’t have an alarm, but it does have a two-way audio system so you can deter burglars by shouting at them!

  1. Logi Circle

Again, the Logi Circle comes with a lot of the features available on the Nest Cam and Piper camera. It’s got an inbuilt battery so you can move it around and place it anywhere in your home.

It’s also got advanced motion filtering which works by picking out important motion clips that have occurred during the day and then sending these to the smartphone app for you to view.

  1. Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

With all the features the previous three cameras have, Samsung’s own security camera stands out by being so easy to use. Similar to the Logi Circe it’s got advanced motion detection which reduces the number of false alarms and irrelevant notifications sent to your phone.

  1. Netgear Arlo Wire-Free

The Netgear Arlo Wire-Free stands out because it’s completely wire-free. You may have guessed that from the name, but it’s worth re-iterating how much of a useful feature that is. It can also be used both indoors and outdoors, something a lot of other smart cameras can’t do.

The only downside is that the standard model only records at 720p. Still, this resolution is high enough to be able to see most intruders. There are high resolution models available, like the Arlo Q or Q plus, but these can’t be used outside!